The Meanings of Things: Material Culture and Symbolic expression

Edited by : Ian Hodder (department of Archaeology, University of Canbridge).
Harper Collins Academic

Buku ini berisi tentang essay-essay yang dibuat oleh para arkeolog tentang pemaknaan budaya material dan juga teori-teori yang digunakan para arkeolog tersebut memaknai material (artefac). Ian Hodder hanya mengedit naskah yang ada.
Essay-essay tersebut antara lain;
-The political use of Australian Aboriginal body painting and its archaeological implications : Robert and Gemetchu MegersaLayton.
-Terracota worship in fringe Bengal: D.K. Bhattacharya.
-Iron and beads: male and female symbols of creation. A study of ornament among Booran Oromo (east Africa): Aneesa Kassa
-The Message of Material behavior: a preliminary discussion of non-verbal meaning:
Roland Fletcher
-Religious cults and ritual practice among the Mendi people of the Southern Highland Province of Papua New Guinea : Theodore Mawe
-Sites as texts: an exploration of Mousterian traces: Lucy Jayne Botscharow
-Style and changing relations between the individual and society: Polly Wiessner
-Post-Modernism, post-structuralism and post-processual archaeology : Ian Hodder
-‘We, the post- megalithic people…”: Felipe Criado
-dan seterusnya sampai ada 20 essay dan terakhir
-Habitus and social space: some suggestions about meaning in the Saami (Lapp) tent ca. 1700-1900: Timothy Yates

(by: Septa Agung Kurniawan)

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