The Ethnography of Reading

The Ethnography of Reading
Edited by: Jonathan Boyarin
University of California Press

Nothing is more commonplace than the reading experience, and yet nothing is more unknown. Reading is such a matter of course that at first glance, it seems there is nothing to say about it. (Introduction: Jonathan Boyarin)

Buku ini juga berisi tulisan-tulisan para antropolog yang membaca budaya. Jika tertarik tentang studi literatur buku ini bisa menjadi salah satu acuan. Ada 10 tulisan dalam buku ini antara lain:

-Placing Reading: Ancient Israel and Medieval Europe(Daniel Boyarin).
-Gracious Words: Luke’s Jesus and the Reading of Sacred Poetry at the Begining of Cristian Era (Susan Noakes).
-The Cultural Construction of Reading in Anglo-Saxon England (Nicholas Howe).
-Keep Listening: Ethnography and Reading (Johannes Fabian)
-The Presence of The Name: Reading Scripture in an Indonesian Village (James N. Baker).
-Literacy, Orality, and Ritual Practice in Highland Colombia (diana Digges and Joanne Rappaport)
-Japanese Spirit and Chinnese Learning : Scribes and Storytellers in Pre-moddern Japan (H. Mack Horton)
-Textual Interpretation as Collective Action (Elizabeth Long)
-Voices Arround the Text: The Ethnography of Reading at Mesivta Tifereth Jerusalem (jonathan Boyarin).

(by: Septa Agung Kurniawan)

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